Spinone Italiano

Spinone Italiano History/Evolution:

The Spinone Italiano’s origins are somewhat mysterious, although most experts credit the Piedmonte district of northwest Italy with its development. Theories abound; some link the dog to coarse-haired Italian Setters, dogs left behind by Greek traders, and even French Griffons. Italy’s all-purpose hunting dog, the Spinone Italiano is an excellent retriever that can hunt on any terrain. Although popular in Italy and some other European countries, it has not taken off in the U.S.

Spinone Italiano Size:

Large; females 22 to 25 inches, 70 to 80 pounds; males 23 to 27 inches, 80 to 90 pounds.

Spinone Italiano Color:

White, orange and white, orange roan, chestnut and white, chestnut roan.

Spinone Italiano Temperament:

Gentle, devoted, eager to please, and affectionate; cautious about new people and situations, but good with children. Calmer than most pointing breeds.

Spinone Italiano Energy level:


Spinone Italiano Best owner:

Hunter, athletic owner in suburban or rural home.

Spinone Italiano Needs:

Daily exercise (long walk or off-leash run), fenced yard, socialization, training, weekly brushing and occasional hand stripping, tolerance of messy beard.

Spinone Italiano Life expectancy:

12 to 14 years.