Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff History/Evolution:

Although much of the history of the Tibetan Mastiff is lost, the breed is believed to be the basic stock from which most modern working breeds developed. The Tibetan Mastiff was prized by Tibetans living in the Himalayas; the massive dogs were traditionally tied to gates or stakes and let loose at night to protect livestock and masters. A few Tibetan Mastiffs trickled out of the region, eventually gaining the attention of fanciers in England and beyond.

Tibetan Mastiff Size:

Giant; females 24 inches and up, 80 to 110 pounds; males 26 inches and up, 90 to 150 pounds or more.

Tibetan Mastiff Color:

Black, brown, and gray, with or without tan markings, and shades of gold.

Tibetan Mastiff Temperament:

Independent, strong willed, and reserved. Territorial and protective of family; aloof with strangers. Gentle with children, but may be overprotective.

Tibetan Mastiff Energy level:

Low, but more active outside.

Tibetan Mastiff Best owner:

Strong, confident owner with fenced yard.

Tibetan Mastiff Needs:

Daily exercise, regular brushing, integration into family activities and home life.

Tibetan Mastiff Life expectancy:

11 to 14 years.