Tibetan Terrier

Tibetan Terrier History/Evolution:

The Tibetan Terrier was bred and raised in Tibetan monasteries almost 2,000 years ago. The dogs, developed to withstand the harsh terrain and climate of the remote “Lost Valley” of Tibet, were often given as a “luck bringer” to safeguard visitors on the return trip. One such visitor returned to England with a dog, obtained another, and then began a breeding program. The Tibetan Terrier is not a terrier at all, having only been given the name because of its terrier size.

Tibetan Terrier Size:

Medium to small; 14 to 17 inches, 18 to 30 pounds.

Tibetan Terrier Color:


Tibetan Terrier Temperament:

Devoted, sensitive, and affectionate; Intelligent, independent, even mischievous. Cautious and reserved with strangers. Best with gentle children.

Tibetan Terrier Energy level:

Moderate, low to moderate with age.

Tibetan Terrier Best owner:

Family with older children.

Tibetan Terrier Needs:

Daily exercise, fenced yard, leash, brushing or combing twice a week, patient training.

Tibetan Terrier Life expectancy:

12 to 15 years.