Vizsla History/Evolution:

The Vizsla’s history can be traced to Hungary in the Middle Ages. The country was rich in game, and the Vizsla’s superior nose, speed, and hunting ability met the needs of the hunters. The breed excelled at both pointing and retrieving and was a favorite of barons and warlords by the 1700s. Although the Vizsla’s numbers declined by the end of the World Wars, devotees worked to reestablish the breed; the AKC recognized the Vizsla in 1960.

Vizsla Size:

Medium, 45 to 65 pounds; females 21 to 23 inches; males 22 to 24 inches.

Vizsla Color:

Golden rust.

Vizsla Temperament:

Lively, active, highly trainable; a natural hunter. Gentle, affectionate. Welldeveloped protective instinct. Can be frustrated and destructive without enough exercise.

Vizsla Energy level:


Vizsla Best owner:

Hunter, athlete, or active family in suburbs or country.

Vizsla Needs:

Strenuous daily exercise (long runs), fenced yard, lots of outdoor activity with its family, regular brushing to control shedding.

Vizsla Life expectancy:

12 to 15 years.