Yorkiepoo History/Evolution:

The Yorkiepoo (also Yorkipoo) has been bred for a decade or so, the result of a cross between the Yorkshire Terrier and the Toy or Miniature Poodle. Like other Poodle crosses, the Yorkiepoo may be lowshedding and is often soft and silky. The typical small size of the dog is appealing to older owners and people who live in apartments; keep in mind, however, that the Yorkiepoo is a lively dog who still needs exercise.

Yorkiepoo Size:

Small; 7 to 15 inches, 4 to 14 pounds.

Yorkiepoo Color:

Many, including white, sable, cream, silver, tan, chocolate, and black.

Yorkiepoo Temperament:

Energetic, playful, curious, selfconfident; Intelligent and trainable; some may be stubborn. Alert and watchful; tends to bark.

Yorkiepoo Energy level:


Yorkiepoo Best owner:

Attentive owner or family with older children.

Yorkiepoo Needs:

Daily exercise, leash, training, daily brushing and combing plus regular clipping (keep eyes clear of hair), ear care.

Yorkiepoo Life expectancy:

10 to 15 years.