Lakeland Terrier


One of the oldest working Terrier breeds, the Lakeland Terrier was used by farmers in the lake districts of England to kill troublesome fox and vermin. With its narrow frame, the breed was able squeeze into rocky dens to chase after quarry; later, when fox hunting became fashionable, the Lakeland Terrier joined the hunt scene. Although this former working breed is best known today as a show dog or companion, Lakelands also do well in earthdog trials.


Medium to small; 13 to 15 inches, 14 to 20 pounds.


Blue, black, liver, red, and wheaten; the wheaten may have a saddle of blue, black, liver, or grizzle.


Bold, friendly, confident, and spunky. Quiet and well mannered with enough exercise. Reserved with strangers and usually aggressive toward animals.

Energy level:


Best owner:

Active owner with training experience.


Daily exercise (walks, games), leash, fenced yard, patient and consistent training, combing once or twice a week plus some scissoring and shaping.

Life expectancy:

12 to 16 years.