Manchester Terrier (Standard)


Developed in England, the Manchester Terrier is a descendant of the oldest Terrier breed, the Black and Tan. The breed’s development centered on Manchester, and it was officially dubbed “Manchester Terrier” in 1860. In 1959, the Toy and the Standard Manchester were classified as one breed with two varieties. The Manchester is well suited to home life; however, its hunting instincts come to life when it detects a rodent or some other small creature that needs to be chased.


Small to medium; 15 to 16 inches, 12 to 22 pounds.


Black with mahogany tan.


Observant, busy, independent, sensitive. Devoted to family, usually one person in particular; reserved with strangers. Described as catlike. Some dig.

Energy level:

High, but not hyper.

Best owner:

Active owner with time for companionship.


Daily exercise (moderate walk on leash, off-lead romp in a secure area), leash, fenced yard, consistent obedience training, soft bedding, minimal coat care.

Life expectancy:

15 to 17 years.