Norwegian Buhund


The Norwegian Buhund traces its history to the Vikings, with whom they traveled by sea and land; remains of the earliest Buhunds were found in a Viking grave from about the year 900. The modern Norwegian Buhund resembles the refined Buhunds of Norway, which guarded farms and herded sheep. Today’s Buhund still works with livestock and guards home and family — and is happy lying at an owner’s feet at the end of the day. The AKC recognized the breed in January 2009.

Medium; females 16 to 171/2 inches, 26 to 35 pounds; males 17 to 181/2 inches, 31 to 40 pounds.


Wheaten, with or without black mask; black.


Energetic, lively, with great stamina; quick learners. Alert, self-confident, and independent, but affectionate with people.

Energy level:


Best owner:

Active, firm owner or family in a suburban or rural home.


Daily exercise and lots of playtime (running/walking, herding, Frisbee, agility), firm obedience training, fenced yard, and family contact.

Life expectancy:

13 to 15 years.