Norwegian Elkhound


Though the Norwegian Elkhound has its roots in the Spitz family, the breed’s tracking abilities have earned it a place of honor in the Hound Group. An ancient breed that hunted with the Vikings, the Norwegian Elkhound is hardy and has the stamina to outlast moose, bear, and hunter alike. The breed is devoted to the chase but also thrives on human companionship, making it a good candidate for an active family’s pet.

Medium; females 19 1/2 inches, 48 pounds; males 201/2 inches, 55 pounds.




Playful, bold, independent. Alert and ready for adventure, preferably in cold weather. May be destructive if not given enough exercise. Good with children and strangers, but not other dogs.

Energy level:


Best owner:

Active owner with plenty of time for exercise.


Daily strenuous exercise, fenced yard, training, a social life, tolerance for shedding, patience with barking, cool weather, attention to overeating.

Life expectancy:

10 to 12 years.