When 16-year-old Johannes Georg Plott immigrated to America with five Hanoverian Hounds in 1750, he probably had no idea that a noted hunting dog breed would bear his name less than 200 years later. Plott, who settled in the mountains of North Carolina, developed the powerful breed to hunt boar and bear. His dogs earned a reputation for their skills, and subsequent crossings only improved the breed. Today the Plott is the state dog of North Carolina and is used for coonhunting.


Medium to large; 23 to 25 inches, 50 to 60 pounds.


Brindle, blue, may have black saddle.


Loyal, eager to please, alert. Courageous, aggressive, headstrong; can be a challenge with obedience. Good with children and wary with strangers. Likely to bay.

Energy level:


Best owner:

Hunter or active owner in suburbs or rural area.


Daily exercise (hunts or woodland hikes are best; swims are enjoyed), leash, fenced yard, human companionship, minimal coat care.

Life expectancy:

11 to 13 years.