Poodle (Standard and Miniature)


Today’s Poodles were developed in Germany as water retrievers; the trademark poodle clip was designed by hunters to help the dogs move through the water, the remaining hair left on to keep vital organs warm. The breed, which became popular in France, comes in three varieties: Standard (the oldest), Miniature, and Toy. The Poodle’s low-shed coat may reduce allergic reactions but requires extensive grooming. Poodles are one of the top ten most popular breeds.


Small and large; Miniature 10 to 15 inches, 12 to 20 pounds; Standard 22 to 27 inches, 40 to 80 pounds.


Blue, gray, silver, brown, café-au-lait, apricot, cream


Miniature is playful, responsive, obedient, devoted; good with children, may bark a lot. Standard is intelligent, obedient, active, playful; good with older children.

Energy level:


Best owner:

Active owners with dedication to grooming.


Daily exercise (more for Standards), mental challenges (obedience), leash, fenced yards, companionship, daily grooming plus clipping and scissoring every five weeks.

Life expectancy:

Miniature, 14 to 16 years; Standard 10 to 13 years.