Scottish Deerhound


An accomplished deer hunter since at least the 16th century, the Scottish Deerhound was valued for its hunting prowess by Scottish nobility; for a time it could not be owned by anyone ranking lower than earl. The breed faced extinction, but breeders revived it in the early 1800s. Though relatively rare, the Scottish Deerhound can still be found in lure-coursing events, in the show ring, and in homes of people who have room for such a noble giant.


Giant; females 28-plus inches, 75 to 95 pounds; males 30 to 32-plus inches, 85 to 110 pounds.


Dark blue gray, gray, brindle, yellow and sandy red, and red fawn.


Quiet, dignified, and mellow in the home; inclined to run and chase outdoors. Willing to please, but independent. Good with children; reserved with strangers.

Energy level:

Low to moderate.

Best owner:

Athletic owner in a home with a good-size backyard.


Daily exercise, leash, fenced yard, care to prevent bloat, human companionship, soft bedding, combing with occasional scissoring and stripping.

Life expectancy:

8 to 10 years.