Afghan Hound


Although some link its origins to ancient Egypt, the Afghan Hound was developed in Afghanistan; in the early 1900s, it was brought to England. Primarily a coursing Hound, the Afghan was a fast, agile, and accomplished hunter that at times was paired with specially trained falcons. The breed’s dignified appearance and silky coat helped bring it into the spotlight in the show ring. Although the glamorous Afghan was fashionable in the 1970s, the breed’s popularity has since dwindled.


Large; females 25 inches, 50 pounds; males 27 inches, 60 pounds.




Aloof and dignified, but with a clownish side. Independent hunter. Not overly demonstrative with family, reserved with strangers.

Energy level:

Medium, higher when young.

Best owner:

Active owner in a suburban or rural home.


Daily exercise (long walks, sprints, and runs), fenced yard, leash, regular and consistent coat care.

Life expectancy:

12 years.