A cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Beagle, the Beagalier was first bred in Australia in the 1990s, focused on reducing the Beagle’s scent-hunting drive and wandering tendencies. The crossbreed may have a positive effect on health problems associated with the Cavalier, including heart conditions and other issues related to the shortened face. The typical Beagalier has a good temperament and resembles both parent breeds.


Small to medium; 12 to 16 inches, 10 to 25 pounds.


Black, white, or tricolor.


Sweet, intelligent, playful, good natured, calm; good with considerate children.

May get distracted by scents. Does not like to be alone.

Energy level:


Best owner:

Active individual or family in suburban or rural home.


Daily exercise, leash, fenced yard, regular brushing (both parent breeds are shedders), obedience training.

Life expectancy:

12 to 14 years.