The Beauceron is a French herding dog dating back to the 1500s, highly valued as a farm dog, drover, and guardian of sheep and family. In 1863, the breed was differentiated into long-coated (Briard) and short-coated (Beauceron). During World War I and II, the military used them as messenger dogs and mine detectors. Although the breed has been relatively unknown outside of France, the Beauceron has recently begun to gain the attention of fanciers in the U.S. and elsewhere.


Medium to large, 65 to 85 pounds; females 24 to 261/2 inches; males 251/2 to 271/2 inches.


Black and tan, or black, gray, and tan.


Self-assured, courageous, calm, and intelligent. Loyal and devoted to family, but without training, can take over. Very protective; may herd children.

Energy level:

Medium to high.

Best owner:

Active owner or family with fenced yard.


Daily mental and physical exercise, firm obedience training, some time outdoors, human contact.

Life expectancy:

10 to 12 years.