Border Collie


The Border Collie is the consummate sheepdog. The energetic breed’s origins can be traced back to the 1800s, in the border country between Scotland and England. One accomplished individual, named Hemp, is considered the father of the breed; his herding skills were considerable, especially his intimidating stare. Although many of the breed’s devotees wanted to keep the Border Collie out of the show ring, the AKC recognized it in 1995. Studies suggest that the Border Collie may be the most intelligent dog.


Medium; 18 to 20 inches, 30 to 45 pounds.


Black, blue, chocolate, and red, with or without white markings or merling.


Energetic, intelligent, and an intense worker who can be destructive if not sufficiently challenged. Loves to chase (not the best choice for families with children).

Energy level:


Best owner:

Active owners with time for exercise or someone who lives on a farm.


Daily exercise, a job, obedience training, fenced yard, regular brushing.

Life expectancy:

12 to 14 years.