Boston Terrier


An all-American dog, the Boston Terrier was developed in the 1800s in Boston, the result of a cross between an English Bulldog and an English Terrier; the Bulldog (named Hooper’s Judge) became the ancestor of nearly all true Bostons. The breed is nicknamed “the American gentleman” because of its characteristically gentle disposition. Highly intelligent, the Boston Terrier is an unrivaled companion, ranking as one of the most popular breeds since the early 1900s.


Small; 15 to 25 pounds.


Brindle, seal, or black, all with white markings.


Friendly, lively, gentle. Intelligent, well mannered, and playful. Reserved with strangers and other dogs. Some bark.

Energy level:

Moderate to high, mellows with age.

Best owner:

Active owner with plenty of time for companionship.


Daily exercise, fenced yard, positive reinforcement, low heat and humidity, human interaction, occasional brushing, patience with snoring.

Life expectancy:

10 to 14 years.