Field Spaniel


Originating in England in the mid-1800s, the Field Spaniel shares its beginnings with the Cocker Spaniel but was deemed a separate breed in 1892. The long-eared Spaniel survived misdirected breeding efforts that nearly brought it to the point of extinction. Dedicated breeders revived the breed in the mid-1950s, honing not only its looks, but its hunting abilities. Though admired for its level headedness, the Field Spaniel remains one of the rarest breeds in the U.S.


Medium, 35 to 50 pounds; females 17 inches; males 18 inches.


Black, liver, golden liver, roan.


Cheerful, affectionate, fun loving, and willing to please. Independent, but happy to have human companionship and a job. May be reserved with strangers.

Energy level:


Best owner:

Hunter, active owner with training experience.


Daily exercise, fenced yard, human companionship, inclusion in family activities, weekly brushing, tolerance of sloppiness (eating and drinking) and shedding.

Life expectancy:

10 to 12 years.