French Bulldog


The French Bulldog probably owes much of its good looks to the English Bulldog. English lacemakers fancied toy versions of the bulldogs, taking their dogs with them when they were displaced to France. With their small size and “bat ears,” the little bulldogs became popular; in the late 1800s, they became known as French Bulldogs. The clownish breed continues to be prized for its affectionate nature and even disposition.


Small; 11 to 14 inches, 20 to 28 pounds.


A variety — often brindle, cream, black-masked fawn, and pied.


Amiable, sweet, adaptable, well behaved. Affectionate and cuddly. Alert and active, but not boisterous or barky.

Energy level:


Best owner:

Senior citizen or family.


Minimal daily exercise, leash, tolerance of drooling and snoring, cleaning of facial wrinkles, weekly brushing, low heat and humidity.

Life expectancy:

9 to 11 years.