German Pinscher


Although the German Pinscher resembles other Pinschers and the Doberman, it is more closely associated with the Standard Schnauzer. Traced to Germany in the 1600s, the German Pinscher was known as a hard-working ratter around stables. It faced extinction after World War II but was rescued by dedicated breeders. It was accepted into the Working Group of the AKC in 2003. These dogs are loyal, high-energy companions that retain natural hunting abilities and protective instincts.


Medium, 17 to 20 inches, 25 to 35 pounds.


Fawn to red to stag red; black and tan, blue and tan.


Alert, vivacious, and courageous; a guard dog with highly developed senses. Intelligent, independent, and playful.

Energy level:


Best owner:

Active owner able to dole out consistent discipline; families with older children.


Daily exercise (fenced yard or twicedaily walks), socialization, companionship, and obedience training.

Life expectancy:

12 to 15 years.